Best Overall. "Won us over with a divided central pocket and six additional storage slots (three on outside, three on inside). And the front flap features a small drawing of the ‘Courier God’""…but our favorite was the bag that was actually designed for real bike messengers: CourierWare’s ‘Deluxe" bag. The bag has a huge main pocket (no problem toting an IPO prospectus and roller blades), six additional slots for storage, and a sleek water-proof lining on the inside…And move over, Samonsonite: CourierWare claims the sturdy bag is indestructible



Durability fills these bags with success

"You’re not likely to find the CourierWare course for success in any business textbook, but if you did, it would prescribe something like this: Don’t go to business school, and don’t take advice from anyone who has. Forget about rapid expansion, forget about trade shows, forget about the Small Business Administration. Make something durable that people will use; otherwise, you’re wasting resources and creating trash. And lastly – ‘hold your principles dear, and remember the business exists to provide for you not the other way around.

Truran and Salyer were bicycle couriers in need of a better bag. The market offerings weren’t durable enough, weren’t comfortable enough, weren’t waterproof. So they designed a better courier bag. Salyer and Truran are clearly a different breed of business owner….Substance over style, commitment to principle, doing the right thing…

One of their biggest selling points is the durability of their bags. They start with doubly waterproofed Cordura nylon…All seams are double stitched, the bottom is doubly reinforced, and the liner is a separate piece of fabric, so that ‘it’s like making a bag that goes inside another bag,’ Salyer said….they’re driven by a purpose higher than mere marketing."

 Hot Lines

" The bag is useful, but you’d hardly guess to look at it. With Velcro closures and water-repellent canvas, its original purpose – to prevent documents ferried around town on a bicycle courier’s back – still serves… this basic bag can go from city chic to college cool, as the owner chooses…the basic design comes in a variety of sizes, each boasts the original bicycle messenger’s utility…And no mater which model you choose….will satisfy the pack-rat tendencies of any purse lover."

Getting Around

" Who better to know the needs of a bicycle courier than a company that actually emplys and dispatches the same?… CourierWare puts out a line of serviceable and yet surprisingly stylish bags. In the original, functional form, the bags are the sort that real couriers wrap sleekly around their bodies, positioning the package in the small of the back…Because the are made for durability they come with a tough nylon liner; the also have heavy reinforced shoulder straps…The Courier people have multiplied, shrunk, and even enlarged the bags that they may live on as "day-tripper" suitcases, general beasts of schlep and, in more verticalized form, book bags."



Urban Guerillas

" What is cool are custom bike bags, made popular by those Mercurial Sex Gods: Boston’s Bike Messengers. A vast array of sizes and styles is available from CourierWare."

Best Buys

" Bike couriers these days are pretty hip to fashion. Or maybe it’s function. Whatever it is, bags from CourierWare combine both, and not just for bikers…Some are simple in design; more-fashion-conscious versions are covered with hand painted motifs, upholstery fabric or African tapestries. . a lifetime workmanship guarantee, and a trade-in policy, they couldn’t be a safer bet."


" If stowing groceries, books, or a change of clothes on a bike has you stumped, take a hint form the pros. The choice for bicycle messengers seems clear – CourierWare bags from the Cambridge store of the same name… CourierWare makes bats that last – the seams are guaranteed for life."

The Best of The Urban Eye

" Former bicycle messengers Diana Salyer and Eric Truran opened CourierWare four years ago, when the got fed up with the design flaws and lack of durability in the bags they were using. But you don’t have to be a messenger to appreciate the bag they manufacture. Courier bags make a great gift for anyone who hoofs it through the city, especially in winter… beats backpacks for comfort and convenience…you can get to its contents without taking if off… At the suggestion of messengers, design details such as extra pockets inside and out have been added… the last – the seams are guaranteed for life."


Pack to Basics

" Just like buying chef’s equipment for your kitchen, there’s an insider’s feeling of product security (and a little smugness) that comes with having an amateur’s "in" to equipment made for the pros. So it is with these bags originally designed by and for bicycle couriers. They are hardy; as made-for-the-outdoors as a duck; and come in highly differentiated sizes… Bags for the amateur (who may also happen to ride a bike), they do service as book bags, camera cases (looking incognito and therefore less pinch-worthy); some, attractively vertical, are really ship-shape purses…many possible colors or subtly alluring tapestries…" 


" In its five years of existence, CourierWare, a small manufacturer in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has established a reputation as the premier messenger’s bag. It’s no surprise, then, that CourierWare has its roots in the trade. While working for a bike messenger company, Diana Salyer and Eric Truran began sewing shoulder bags for themselves and their colleagues. The well made, well fitting bags spread throughout the Boston messenger community and CourierWare expanded into a real company…They fit snugly over the shoulder and across the back when you ride, and the best ones are lined with a water proof cloth.


"Forget Survivor. Here are bags that could have outlasted even Richard. Founded by former bicycle couriers in the 1980s, CourierWare Courier Bags are durable, weather resistant, and comfortable. You won’t find them in stores, since the company sells directly to you through their site, There are enough colors, styles and sizes to match any lifestyle."



Safe & Secure Camera Bag with Style

" Tired of the same old camera bag? But want to make sure your camera is safe and secure? I mean that DSLR is like one of your kids. Handle with care and treat with love."

"There are so many bags on the market today that all look the same. It's nice to have some options when purchasing something for you. Courierware has added color and pattern to what is a traditional style camera bag so you can personalize it for your tastes."

"Comfortable on the shoulder, it also comes in 4 Sizes. The removable camera insert fits into a Super-Deluxe Courier Bag: mini, extra small, small and medium sizes. They use resilient neoprene padding that holds its shape and doesn't sag. You'll find two adjustable dividers for equipment, one in the mini, and a separate padded base."

"I got the chance to review one of their tapestry style bags. The red with circle design is eye catching and whimsical. It's also basic enough that you won't mind handing it to your husband to hold. And everything fits snug and securely. It's a great choice for those who want comfort and fashion."

"The sections are moveable and RE-moveable. I was even able to grab the dividers and throw them in my laptop bag on day. Love having that versatility. And they are heavily padded so you feel like your equipment is safe."

"I take it everywhere now. Just the right size and take great care of my baby...I mean my camera!♦"



If You Can Carry It, Bag It

" In the Best of all possible bike courier worlds, these bags – which see a god-awful lot of wear’n’tear – are constructed with such vigor as to be indestructible… there is a group of industrialists whose vision is eternal. The folks at CourierWare strive to make bags to outlast their owners… Diana Salyer and Eric Truran are CourierWare. They buy the material, design, construct and sell bike bags of various sizes and utilities. They know their stuff because they have, at some point either worked for a courier company, or for their own courier company. And, having made the torturous rounds, they saw too clearly how quickly the standard-issue bike bags self-destructed after months of use…So confident is CourierWare of its product, a lifetime warranty against workmanship and materials comes with every bag sold…See were the best of all possible worlds gets its start: see the beginnings of accountability."