cbd 0810

Our most popular Bag.


* 3 Front Inside Pockets (4 in the XL)   * 3 Front Outside Pockets (2 in the XS and S)

* Back Inside Divider Pocket with Velcro Closure   * Carabiner Key Clip.  

Optional Features:

* 3 Secret Front Inside Pockets (2 in the XS, 4 in the XL)   * Zippered Front Outside Pockets

* Handle   *Shoulder Pad   * Waist Strap.  

You can also pair this with a Camera Insert (sold separately) or Laptop Sleeve with Optional Clips (both sold separately).  6 Sizes, each with 6-12 pockets depending on Size and Options. Starting at $89.  Save $10. when you order a Camera Insert or Laptop Sleeve with this bag.

basic front_inside standard front_pocket deluxe back_inside
standard deluxe_back c key_clip
horizontal dimensions

XS - Nice around-town size.  Pairs with our XS Laptop Insert which is meant for your iPad and most other Tablets.  

Small - Good for the every-day needs of most professionals.  Pairs with our Small Laptop Insert which is meant for all 11"& most 13" Laptops including the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. 

Medium - A first choice for professionals and students who need to have a larger volume of items along throughout the day.  Pairs with our Medium Laptop Insert which is meant for most 15" Laptops including the MacBook Pro. 

Original - Our first bag, The Original Cambridge Courier Bag.  A big every-day bag favored by students who need to carry large books and binders side-by-side (binder to binder) in two stacks within the bag.

Large - More spacious than the Medium Courier Bag, fatter than the Original.  Pairs with our Large Laptop Insert which is meant for most 17" Laptops including the MacBook Pro.

XL - A really big bag for bulky items.  Great for sports equipment, travel or laundry day.  

Black Navy Maroon Green Gray
Primary Red Deep Purple Orange Chocolate Clay
cb olive courier1
Sand Yellow Olive Reflective Tapestry 1
courier2 courier3
Tapestry 2 Tapestry 3
Hand-Made Tie-Dye
(primary and
tertiary colors)
Logo Clip
Logo Flap Clip
velcro and_clips
Velcro and Clips
clips no_velcro
No Velcro, Just Clips
velcro no_clips
Velcro no Clips
secret pocket_detail_thumb
Secret Pocket

Zipper close-up
Front Outside Zipper

thumb handle
Padded Handle
shoulder pad_135x135
Shoulder Pad
waist strap
Waist Strap
basic horizontal
Basic Laptop Sleeve
deluxe horizontal
Deluxe Laptop Sleeve
Laptop Sleeve Clip
Camera Insert
insert dividers
Insert Dividers
buckle and_slider
Buckle or Slider
  • 3 Front Outside Pockets (2 on the XS and Small) with Optional Zipper Closure
  • 3 Front Inside Pockets (4 in the XL)
  • Optional Secret Front Inside Pockets within the Front Inside Pockets (2 in the XS, 4 in the XL) each with a small flap
  • Back Internal Divider Pocket w/ Velcro Closure for files or things that need to be kept separate
  • Optional Padded Handle
  • Optional Shoulder Pad
  • Optional Waist Strap for motorcycling or off-road biking
  • Optional Laptop Sleeve
  • Optional Laptop Sleeve Clips
  • Optional Camera Insert
  • Double Cordura Base for durability
  • Internal Carabiner Key Clip
  • Fastex and/or Velcro closures on the flap
  • Classic Metal Drop-Jaw Buckle or Low-profile Black Slider Shoulder Strap Adjustment
  • 2" wide Shoulder Strap attached so it cannot pull off the bag
  • Waterproof 1000 denier Cordura Outer
  • Waterproof 420 denier Pack Cloth Liner

Dear CourierWare,

HI. I bought a couple of your bags a while ago, and they're fantastic. I bought a small walking bag and a super deluxe courier bag, and between the two of them I'm pretty set for anything that comes up. I travel a lot, and there's been no sign of wear on either of them at all.
-- Chris

Just wanted to let you know that I have had my bag for 10 years and use it everyday! 5 countries, 2 kids and 3 small businesses later and the only thing that has worn out is the tag with your name on it! Make sure you sew an extra one on the inside from now on!
Thanks for making a great product. I appreciate it!
-- Scott

Dear CourierWare,

Was surfing the web about 3 weeks ago when I found your web site. Within 2 days, I had ordered a bag. Two days after receiving the bag, I was put on crutches due to a stress fracture in my foot. I love this bag, even on crutches it was comfortable and yet so convenient. As a busy college student, I have finally found the perfect bag. Thanks for making such a great bag!
-- Meg

Dear CourierWare,

I have three of your bags, all of which are bullet-proof. They are awesome bags that fit me very well. The first one is still waterproof and very comfortable after eight years of work and abuse. I just gave it to my brother and he loves it already. Thanks for the great product.
-- Dale

Dear CourierWare,

Today, only a minute after stepping off the streetcar, the rain soaked me to the skin, and I still had three blocks to walk home. The rain soaked my shirt. It soaked my pants. My trusty, waterproofed ANSI spec steel-toed boots didn't protect my feet at all. Fortunately, I completely forgot about a present in my bag - my girlfriend's copies of our vacation photos - otherwise, I would've been panicked. A New Orleans downpour soaks through everything - but not your bag. The interior of my bag was dry - not a drip, not a leak! I was amazed. I wrung two cups of water from my shirt, but the photos, my journal, and CD player were untouched.
-- Josh

Dear CourierWare,

I got my bag in 1986(7?). It's outlived 3 Kryptonite locks, 5 bicycles, and 2 knees. What else could I ask for? Thank you for making something better than you have to, the exception in a world where "good enough" is the rule.
-- BomberDave