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See what they're saying about our CourierWare Messenger Bags:

I have a black messenger bag from you guys that I received as a birthday gift in 1993. I've used it nearly every day since, and while it's a bit scuffed, it's still in great condition.
-- Pierce

Hi CourierWare,
I Love my bag! I got the medium camera bag and it loads everything I need for a days shooting, (Camera body, 2 film backs, 3 viewfinders, 3 lenses, light meters, flash, note pads, and all the film I think I might need). My wife says I put so much stuff in the bag she can't even pick it up, and yet it still is easy on the shoulder. I have owned 50 or 60 camera bags over the last 35 years, but I have never found a better bag. Well Done
-- RJ

Your trade-in policy is so cool, but i could never give up one of your bags, even one of my old ones. I got a medium Super D and a large SuperD a small Super D as well as a Camara Bag and i just ordered a computer case from you. I think the travel bag next...thanks for the best bags ever...i've never been able to kill one
-- Michael

Well, its been a year since I bought my bag from ya'll. Needless to say, she's as strong as when I first bought her. I fly for an aircharter service in Arkansas and it manages to hold all my crap; maps, charts, headphones, water, oxygen, and anything else I try to stick in there. (Even though it is called the "small" size.) Thanks for making a product thats worth a damn. For all the people surfing through theses wondering if they should drop the jack on one of these bags... DO IT, you wont regret it. Thanks again fellas.
-- W. A.

I have had a purple extra-largish courier bag from you guys for years and it has served me well in road trips all over the place but I couldn't remember where I got it! Luckily, I saw an ad in the back of either Mother Jones or Utne or the Atlantic and voila! I kept thinking it was Harvard Bag Co or something, or trying searches on "The Messenger God"...anyway....may I have a new print catalog and some fabric samples? I have tried smaller bags from Manahattan Portage and Timbuk 2 and they are okay for posing hipsters but they aren't a) waterprrof, b) super roomy and c) even close to your durability. And, No, I will not trade my big bag in but that is a nice feature! Thanks, Happy Holidays!
-- Sean

I've now had the chance to try out my bag under a wide variety of conditions (including too much snow of late! :) ). Works great!!! I wish I could stay as dry as the contents. I find myself wondering how I ever managed without one! Thanks for such a great product. Cheers,
-- Tom

You Guys Rock!
I got a small used super delux courier bag last week and its great ,I was a little stressed about dropping $50 on a used bag ,and ordering a small,,, but the things great, pockets for days,and its cavernous ,,and on top of that its built like a brick ----house,,, even used it looks brand new ,and it rides well ,,, did I say you rock ,,,
--Captain Ratsie Rides Again!

Hello CourierWare,
I was living in Italy and a friend of mine got into an engineering program in Berlin. For his send off, I had my dad send over a large bag. He used it to move to Berlin and then as a book bag. He and the bag were inseparable. He was in the library one night and put his bag down. He came back and the bag was stolen. The incredible part was the assailant dumped his books, laptop, and his hat and gloves out of the bag before making off with it. Clearly it was about the bag. I have had mine since 1990. I wanted the large Black on Black but you only had a large purple at the time. To this day, right now as we speak, that purple is staring me down. Get the one you want..... because it will not wear out.
-- Tim

I got my bag in Cambridge in 1990, and since then it's held about 50,000 deliveries, countless six packs, enough supplies to keep me couch surfing for 3 years on two continents, laptops, diapers, and now kids' supplies. I'd fall over if I tried to ride a bike without it. Heavily modified and customized over the years (and even washed a couple times) it's still going strong. I've said for years if my house were on fire and I could only grab one thing, this would be it. 50,000+ miles and still looking young...more than I can say for myself.
-- Ari

Hey Guys,
I have been a loyal fan of your bags since '97 when I bought my first one in Cambridge. Recently my apartment got broken into and they took my favorite bag (a gray standard/medium courier) even though it was dirty and a little tattered from being used every day for six years. I guess the theives had good taste! I plan on buying the exact same bag now because I just can't function properly without it. Thanks for providing such quality and style, and don't ever stop making the bags!

Dear CourierWare,
I love the photo insert you made for my bag - it works great. I've had my bag for about 13 years, and it still looks new... I am pleased that I can use it for my camera equipment as well.
-- K. K.

Dear CourierWare,
My bag is 13 years old, and looks it. But you wouldn't believe what horrible things I've done to it! I've used it as a cooler more times than I can count (bag of ice, six pack, cold all day in the hottest sun and barely drips at all, even now). I've had a gallon of milk burst open in it (that was the worst, but lots of other nastiness). It's been run over by cars. The inside's not silver anymore but every seam is tight. I might get another one just to take advantage of some newer styles but I wanted to tell you that your stuff is ACE.

Dear CourierWare,
My chocolate brown large Courier Bag is 3 years old and still doesn't show any wear. These are bags that are meant to last and look great.
-- Craig

Hi CourierWare,
I once carried a fairly large book shelf home in my courier bag.......just to prove i could do it.
-- Jonathan

Dear CourierWare,
I just got my CourierWare medium walking bag in the mail, and it is so beautiful. I chose to have my flap made out of red crushed velvet and the bag is sleek, cool, and functional - what else could I ask for? Everyone at work keeps stopping by to pet it. I look forward to showing it off everywhere. Thank you!
-- Melissa

Dear CourierWare,
I bought my CourierWare bag from you 'Pre Big Dig,' back when I lived in Boston, (That's about 10 years ago for you non Bostonians) and I use it every day for multiple bike errands around town. It goes to the grocery store with me, the post office, the music store, the bike shop, the climbing shop, the office supply store, on road trips, blah blah blah... It's such a part of me and I'd cry if I lost it. Anyway, in all that time, it's held up perfectly. No threads have come loose, it has no rips or tears, in fact, it shows no real signs of wear at all. Just looking at it, you'd never think that it's ten years old, it will easily last another ten and maybe ten after that. You guys rock!
-- Dan

Hi CourierWare,
I purchased one of your bags while at school in Boston over five years ago. The bag is still strong, though a little dirty. My girlfriend likes it so much she keeps trying to borrow it. I was happy you have a website with online ordering, I just bought her one for her birthday. Keep up the awesome work!
-- Nathan

Hey Guys,
I'm writing to tell you how amazing your products truly are. I have owned every size standard bag since my first in 1989, thirteen years and a few trade-ins later I'm down to a travel bag (I take it on every trip), a medium standard (it sometimes rides empty in the travel as a "goody" bag on trips), and my favorite (and I mean this bag is like family) a large standard with the "experimental" red pack-cloth lining and heavy web strap ca. 1993. This particular bag has carried tons of tools, books, clothing food, bike parts, you name it, even a 1963 singer sewing machine w/all the accessories (a trash pick in Cambridge on a ride home). It has ridden on my back through rain, snow, sleet, sub-zero temps, blazin heat and sun and never let me down. All other supposed messenger bags would not have survived the use and abuse a year round cyclist and artisan put them through (in Boston and NYC, tough towns for tough bikers). Thanks for the memories!
-- Tad

Hi CourierWare,
I purchased my bag in 1993 and it is still just as good as new. I have used it EVERY DAY for the last nine years. Not one stich has come loose. I want to purchase another, but have no reason to!! Great product, miss your Cambridge store.
-- Jessica

Dear CourierWare,
Just a note to let you know, my bag is still tickin'. Bought it back in '87 when I was a messenger in Boston. It's been through alot, including a purse snatcher (one with a keen eye for style, comfort and durability I might add!). Luckily I retrieved it, but not without making a HUGE public scene! I am proud to say that bag has been with me ever since and trading it in would never enter my mind. Thanks for still being out there!
-- Brenda

Dear CourierWare,
I've had your bag for years. I think I bought mine in early 90's. It's so durable and useful that I don't leave home without it. Ever. I recently moved to NY and bumped into an old friend from college who I haven't seen in 10 years. She only recognized me because I was carrying the same bag! Great product that I always tell all my friends about.
-- Jay

Hello CourierWare,
I just received my CourierWare bag, and I could not possibly be more pleased with the purchase. The product is fantastic and reflects a commitment to quality throughout. It simply is not possible to find a better or more well designed courier bag. Thanks for giving the consumer what they want, a great product at a completely fair price.
-- Mike

LOVE the bag! I have the Large Deluxe and it fits like a body part. I just finished dragging it around London and Paris and not only did it hold all the "critical" stuff I carry but it kept it all dry during the lovely London weather. Thanks for a great product!
-- Todd

I've always liked your bags: they look good, are weatherproof, and stand up to my water bottles, mutes, and metal music stands. I recently got one of your large walking bags, and discovered an extra benefit: I can fit a large music folder upright in the back pocket! Thanks for such a great product. It is a breath of fresh air these days to see something made with such care and attention to detail.
-- Annette

Hello CourierWare,
I bought my courier bag and my wife's bag in 1993. We both still use them. I was so sorry to hear about the Mass Ave. store closing but I'm glad to see my favorite accessory still available. I teach 6th grade in Houston Texas now and my students are always asking about my cool blue bag, now I can just give them your URL and tell them to quit coveting mine. I'll be buying a bag for my new laptop soon!!
-- Lawrence

I've been using mine for the last few months. It carries my camera gear and some (water bottle, sandwich, book, plane ticket, jacket, etc). And the bag looks good too.
-- Chia

Hi CourierWare,
So glad you guys are still around; I heard you closed your Cambridge store and feared the worst. Anyway, I wanted to send you all a bit of love and tell you that you make the sweetest products around. My basic courier bag, purchased from you all USED(!) 7 years ago, is still going way strong despite heavy use everyday. In fact, a friend bought the exact same bag I have brand new about a year ago, and when we put our bags side by side you really can't tell the difference. In a world of mass produced disposable crap CourierWare bags are down right revolutionary. Hell, when the revolution does come, I plan to be on the barricades with my CourierWare bag slung over my shoulder. Rah!
-- Daniel Hope
   Portland, Maine

Hello CourierWare,
When I first received my deluxe courier bag, I thought I would set it aside and save it a few extra hauls until I left for the UK. I ended up carrying it the very next day, tempted to try out how well it distributed the full weight of college textbooks. But the real test came with the unyielding wind and rain of typical Seattle weather. I have to say that I am constantly amazed by its ability to handle the two greatest challenges I face with a bag: weight and rain. I never go anywhere without this bag and I have a feeling it will remain that way for quite a while. I love it! Thank you.
-- Abby

Hello CourierWare,
I had been carrying your basic courier bag since 1990. The bag took me through part of high school, college, vacations, and then became my briefcase for work after graduation in New York City. I worked in Tower One of the World Trade Center and fortunately I am ok, but my courier bag was left behind in the building! But before I lost it, it was indestructible. The only sign of wear was some dirt on it. I'm looking forward to replacing it soon.
-- Clara

Hello CourierWare,
I've had a CourierWare large bag since my undergrad days in Boston. Since then, it's served me well, outlasting 3 laptops, 2 bicycles, and 2 motorcycles. Only thing that wore out on the bag is the little tag with Mercury on it.
-- Alex

Dear CourierWare,
I got my bag in 1986(7?). It's outlived 3 Kryptonite locks, 5 bicycles, and 2 knees. What else could I ask for? Thank you for making something better than you have to, the exception in a world where "good enough" is the rule.
-- BomberDave

Dear CourierWare,
Just wanted to say that you guys are one of the things I miss most about Boston. Just stumbled upon your site and it was like a little bit of home. My wife and I have used your bags for 5+ years now, and they are like old friends.Thanks.
-- Underdog

I ordered a walking bag from you on Wednesday and it arrived on Thursday, just as I was going out. I just love it, the roominess, the pockets, the lightness, its toughness. I can hold the kitchen sink in it if I want and it will be perfect when I ride elephants. Thank you.
-- Susan

Dear CourierWare,
Today, only a minute after stepping off the streetcar, the rain soaked me to the skin, and I still had three blocks to walk home. The rain soaked my shirt. It soaked my pants. My trusty, waterproofed ANSI spec steel-toed boots didn't protect my feet at all. Fortunately, I completely forgot about a present in my bag - my girlfriend's copies of our vacation photos - otherwise, I would've been panicked. A New Orleans downpour soaks through everything - but not your bag. The interior of my bag was dry - not a drip, not a leak! I was amazed. I wrang two cups of water from my shirt, but the photos, my journal, and CD player were untouched.
-- Josh

Dear CourierWare,
I am a locomotive engineer in the mid-west and am hell on luggage. I have burned through all sorts of back-packs, brief cases and duffel bags like it was nobody's business. I had been on a quest for the ultimate 'one bag travel'piece of luggage for years. I got the extra large travel bag 16 months ago and it's in the same shape now as the first day I lugged it to work. Not only does it wear like iron, But I can cram EVERYTHING I need in it for a 48 hour round trip to points unknown.

Thank you CourierWare!
-- Wreckin' Ball

Dear CourierWare,
When I ordered the large Brief Bag, I didn't know if it would be large enough, as I have been carrying an expandable Tumi Ballistic Nylon bag. But no matter what I want to put into it, it seems to always fit, without the bulk of the Tumi. It also travels well as shown on a day trip. Can you put insert to hold it open for file folders and papers and maybe a couple of storage areas for pens, etc?

Thanks for your advice over the phone and the prompt shipping. I am pleasantly surprised that I don't need zippers to feel that my briefcase is secure!
-- Doug

To CourierWare,
I was very surprised to receive the bag today. I expected that it would take another week to get here. It truly is a great bag. I described it to one of my colleagues as the Hermes of courier bags. Which as I think about it may have been suggested by the Courier God logo. Was that intentional on your part. I hope you resist as long as you can the placing of a store in Midtown Manhattan.
-- Nicholas

Dear CourierWare,
I have three of your bags, all of which are bullet-proof. They are awesome bags that fit me very well. The first one is still waterproof and very comfortable after eight years of work and abuse. I just gave it to my brother and he loves it already. Thanks for the great product.
-- Dale

Dear CourierWare,
Man your bag rocks! I have had the same bag since the late 80's when I was in middle school in Cambridge. This bag has been everywhere I have gone in my life, most notably my European backpacking trip where it got to see everything from the Austrian Alps to the canals of Venice. It has withstood every possible element, even sparks from arc welding and burning hot wax accidentally being poured on it in the scupture studio. Now my only problem is that I want a new one but the old one carries so much history.
-- Jon

Dear CourierWare,
Was surfing the web about 3 weeks ago when I found your web site. Within 2 days, I had ordered a bag. Two days after recieving the bag, I was put on crutches due to a stress fracture in my foot. I love this bag, even on crutches it was comfortable and yet so convienient. As a busy college student, I have finally found the perfect bag. Thanks for making such a great bag!
-- Meg

Dear CourierWare,
You have a wonderful product! I traded in my 2-year old bag today and received excellent help and advice from Barbara. Two questions: When are you going to make a backpack? And although your patterned bags have lovely, muted tones, how about a model with jazzier(primary)colors for frivolous summer use?
-- Betsy

Dear CourierWare,
My new bag just came and its FANTASTIC. It feels perfect on my shoulder-fits like a glove and I've already filled all the pockets with the essentials of life. Thanks!!
-- Sara

Hi CourierWare,
After 3 years of high school with ratty 6month-1year bags I shelled out 'big bucks' ($75 was a lot for me back then) for a bag. It's survived 4 years of backbreaking college texts, daytrips, hiking, biking, etc. in the rain, snow, and wind. Nothing in there ever got wet. I'm amazed -anything- can last 5 years these days. A Cambridge tradition indeed -- I have spotted Boston expatriates in San Francisco and Minneapolis just by their traditional CourierWare. All I can say is "wow".
-- Limor

Dear CourierWare,
I went to visit my friend last night at his school. After pounding down a few drinks, we decided to climb the rooftops of said school. Once up there, I slipped and landed bag-first into a fairly large puddle. After I gained my composure and laughed off the pain, I noticed that although my bag was soaked, everything inside was kindling-dry! I just got this bag a few days ago, and already it's saving my a--!!!
-- Wordsy

Dear CourierWare,
HI. I bought a couple of your bags a while ago, and they're fantastic. I bought a small walking bag and a super deluxe courier bag, and between the two of them I'm pretty set for anything that comes up. I travel a lot, and there's been no sign of wear on either of them at all.
-- Chris

Hello CourierWare,
I have been a CourierWare fanatic ever since I got my first bag in 1990! I feel absolutely naked without it. I take it everywhere I go. It has room for everything I need to have with me at all times and I can even fit my big assed G3 laptop in there with room to spare. I now have a large super deluxe but I still have my first bag almost ten years later. Thanks for a great product, you can tell when someone cares.
-- Best, Dave

Just a note to share with you how happy I am with the bag/pad that Courierware has vended to me. The Courierware pad made all the difference in the world in comfort as I had hoped for. All in all my selection of Courierware has proven to be spot on for my needs now just as there were when I was still working. Thank you for such a fine product!
-- Best,WD,Sr

Just wanted to say that your bags are THE best out there. I feel certain that I'll have it for years to come.
-- Thanks,Fred

I love you guys. After all these years, I still have my original messenger bag from1990 from your little first store on Harvard St. in Cambridge. I wear it every day proudly! I just ordered a laptop insert that came in 2 days, so I now love you even more. Keep up the good work. What's way cool, is that one time I came into your 2nd store and the gal behind the counter looked at my dear old bag with the original logo and just said, "Wow." It was a true moment!
-- Wow! Kim

I've had your Super Deluxe since 2000 and it has never leaked, ripped or broken down at that time. I've tried other makes (Crumpler, Timbuk2...) but frankly they're third rate compared to you guys. Your bags are the best of the best!
-- Kevin

Just wanted to let you know that I have had my bag for 10 years and use it everyday! 5 countries, 2 kids and 3 small businesses later and the only thing that has worn out is the tag with your name on it! Make sure you sew an extra one on the inside from now on! Thanks for making a great product. I appreciate it!
-- Scott

Hi Eric,
Just wanted to let you know I got the camera courier bag this morning and I LOVE it! It's perfect. Thanks for suggesting the small size, it's exactly what I wanted. And thanks for getting it out so quickly.Take care,
-- Cozette

I bought a bag at yer cambridge store just before i started my 1st bike mssnger job, that was at least 12 yrs ago! i still have it and still use it constantly, for all kinds of different things. its bombproof and comfortable, and though i'm no longer a messemger, use of the bag brings back memeries of those carefree days, and i absolutely love it and tell everyone i can to buy only the real thing!
-- All the best Chris B.

I bought four courier bags over a period from the late 80's to 1994, and have used one or another every day since then. My diaper bag is now my briefcase. These things are indestructible, comfortable, and look great, which is a wonderful thing in a world where everything is disposable.
-- Linda G

I just wanted to let you know that I use this bag daily and it still looks like new!  I haul my laptop to and from home... I carry it to job sites and to meetings with customer... on the weekends it holds "kid supplies", juice boxes, baby wipes, etc.... it goes on hikes, camping, amusement parks.... you name it. I never write letters to manufacturers of products I use but I wanted to write you a brief note of appreciation.... this is a great bag, and a great value.  Thanks again!
--Respectfully, Eric F.

Thanks Courierware for saving me from what seemed to be an endless search for a small, versatile camera/work bag. I had an extra small Incognito Field Camera Bag made and it's perfect. I'll recommend your products to anyone.
-- Ron H

OMG. I love you guys. i got my bag on  friday and used it on the weekend. PERFECT. i'm loving it already! the bag is beautiful and is perfect for my everyday use. i can't ask for anything better. i also purchased a laptop case awhile back and it is the best home for it. everywhere i go, i get comments about how cool it looks. not only that, it really protects my computer! thanks for making wonderful dependable bags and for the great customer service. i catch myself recommending courierware to EVERYONE.
-- Sinoun

These really are excellent bags.  I ordered a large, which carries an apartment, and then decided I wanted a small too.  I'm an academic that travels a lot, and the large is perfect for carrying all that stuff around that you need in international travel.  The "small"--you should explain to the iniitiated that "small" means larger than the normal messenger bag one would buy) if perfect for walking around...I'm leaving for Asia and taking both. Really. I'm impressed, and I'm jaded and hard to please in these things.  I also NEVER send comments.....
-- Max K