What is your store policy for exchanges/ returns?

You can return any CourierWare bag for a full refund or exchange it for another bag, ideally within 30 days. Our enclosed return/exchange form should be filled out completely and included. It should be in unused condition for a full credit. We will credit you for shipping if we have made an error in your order.

What is included in the warranty?

All stitching and workmanship are included in the warranty. A sales slip is not required. Shipping back to you is also included for warranty repairs. There is a nominal charge for repairs that are not covered under the warranty. If your bag is damaged, for example, your dog chews a hole it or it is melted by your furnace, repair or replacement is at your expense. Zipper replacement is not covered, but is offered a a reasonable rate.

How do you wash a CourierWare bag?

To wash your bag put it into a regular washing machine on COLD. Use a small amount of soap. The liner and the outer of the bag are sewn together only around the top of the bag. For better washing and faster drying you can separate the two layers by pulling the liner out from the inside of the bag. Spot wash any particularly bad areas before throwing it into the machine. After washing, let any trapped water settle to the bottom and squeeze it out of the lowest corner. LINE DRY - DO NOT USE A DRYER. Heat can melt the waterproofing.

Where are you bags made?

All CourierWare bags are made in the USA in Randolph, Vermont. We use a small-scale production model and hire all work out at a livable wage.

Custom bags?

We offer several options that you can have added to our stock bags and are open to suggestions.

Why do customized bags incur a $25. restocking fee?

Anything that has to be customized for you requires a $25. restocking fee because it is unlikely that someone will order that same configuration/color, etc. To sell a new/returned bag we will throw in the extra customized features for no charges to the next customer. So, we lose the fees charged on the custom work and must spend extra time matching the next person with your custom bag return.

How accurate are the colors portrayed of the bags?

It varies depending on your computer and browser. However, we have made them as accurate as possible across most common computer formats. You can request actual color swatches to be sent via the mail if you like.

When and why would I need a waist strap on my bag?

CourierWare bags are designed to wrap comfortably to the human form; BUT, if you regularly over-pack your bag, do off-road mountain biking, or ride a motorcycle, a waist-strap is recommended.

Are tapestry bags waterproof? How durable are they?

Tapestry fabrics are not as durable as the nylon Cordura we use on all bags. Most are not waterproof. However, the liner of the flap is nylon pack cloth, which has a waterproof coating. The combination works quite well and is very water resistant, however, it is probably not the best choice if you live in a rainy area and are a messenger or daily commuter via bike in all weather.

Do you have a store?

We sell all of our products directly via our website. This is the only place you can buy a CourierWare bag; but, if you are in Randolph, VT you can stop by our workshop to see and buy bags.

Do you sell wholesale?

No. We do small production of high quality bags in VT.

What is the best size for students?

Most high school and college students prefer the Medium or Large Courier Bags or Laptop Courier Bags. Law and medical students tend to prefer the Large or even Extra Large Courier Bags.