Generally our bags are meant to be worn across the chest from shoulder to opposite hip.  Your bag should be adjusted to fit comfortably into the small of your back when walking or when riding a bicycle or motorcycle.  You may choose to have your bag hang a bit lower when walking if you prefer to keep your bag at your hip.  Of course, your bag can also simply be thrown over one shoulder.

In chaotic or dangerous places you may want to bring your bag to the front of your body.  Also, you can reverse your bag entirely so the flap is against your body to prevent random pick-pocketing. 

The Classic Metal Drop-Jaw Buckle is the easiest to adjust on the fly while wearing your bag.  If you carry a wide variety of stuff in your bag from day to day, the  Metal Drop-Jaw Buckle is recommended.  If you tend to carry the same load on a regular basis, the Slider Shoulder Strap is probably the best choice.

We only recommend a Waist Strap for off-road bicycling, motorcycle riding, or if you ever need to run or jog with your bag.