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Based on our 'Walking Bag', this fully outfitted bag offers the most popular features of the line grouped at a savings of $25. OFF compared to building an identical custom bag.


* Zippered Front Outside Pockets (one smaller for cell phones and one larger)   * Secret Front Inside Pockets

* Back Inside Divider Pocket with Velcro Closure   * Back Outside Panel Pocket

* Slider Shoulder Strap Adjustment   * Carabiner Key Clip

Optional Features:

* Handle   * Shoulder Pad   * Attachment Points for a Vertical Laptop Sleeve (sold separately)

3 Sizes (see Sizes tab below), each with 8 pockets. From $95. - $115. (Regularly $120. - $140.)

anniversary walker front zipper pockets walking bag secret pockets
walking back_inside walking back_outside slider
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Small - Pairs with the XS Vertical Laptop Insert.  Fits iPads and most Netbooks along with a few files and essentials.

Medium - Pairs with the Small Vertical Laptop Insert.  Fits the 11"and 13"  MacBook Air, plus most 13" Laptops including the 13" MacBook Proalong with several files and essentials. 

Large - Pairs with the Medium Laptop Insert.  Fits most 15" Laptops including the 15" MacBook Pro along with a bunch of files and essentials. 

Black Navy Maroon Green Gray
Primary Red Deep Purple Orange Chocolate Clay
walking olive walker1
Sand Yellow Olive Reflective Tapestry 1
walker2 walker3
Tapestry 2 Tapestry 3
Hand-Made Tie-Dye
(primary and
tertiary colors)
shoulder pad_135x135
Shoulder Pad
basic vertical
Basic Vertical Laptop Sleeve
deluxe vertical_laptop_sleeve
Deluxe Vertical Laptop Sleeve
Laptop Sleeve Clip

  • 2 Zippered Front Outside Pockets - one small for cell phones, one larger
  • 2 Front Inside Pockets
  • 2 Secret Front Inside Pockets - set within the front inside pockets, each with a small flap
  • Back Internal Divider Pocket w/ Velcro Closure for files or things that need to be kept separate
  • Back Outside Panel Pocket
  • Optional Padded Handle
  • Optional Shoulder Pad
  • Optional Laptop Sleeve
  • Optional Laptop Sleeve Clips
  • Double Cordura Base for durability
  • Internal Carabiner Key Clip
  • Low Profile Black Slider Shoulder Strap Adjustment
  • 2" wide Shoulder Strap attached so it cannot pull off the bag
  • Waterproof 1000 denier Cordura Outer
  • Waterproof 420 denier Pack Cloth Liner

“I Just want to say that I really like the CourierWare Walking bag that I bought. I put my bag to through its first test in the Irish rain and it passed superbly.”

“The strong stitching on the bag is also an added bonus. I’ve found, the more you wear it and put into it, the more comfortable it feels.
You sometimes don’t notice you have it on and it feels more like a comfortable piece of clothing than an accessory.”

Hi CourierWare
I purchased my bag in 1993 and it is still just as good as new. I have used it EVERY DAY for the last nine years. Not one stitch has come loose. I want to purchase another, but have no reason to!! Great product, miss your Cambridge store.

Dear CourierWare
I just got my CourierWare medium walking bag in the mail, and it is so beautiful. I chose to have my flap made out of red crushed velvet and the bag is sleek, cool, and functional - what else could I ask for? Everyone at work keeps stopping by to pet it. I look forward to showing it off everywhere. Thank you!

I ordered a walking bag from you on Wednesday and it arrived on Thursday, just as I was going out. I just love it, the roominess, the pockets, the lightness, its toughness. I can hold the kitchen sink in it if I want and it will be perfect when I ride elephants. Thank you.
-- Susan