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New Updated Version!  The Padded Camera Insert is now a one-piece removable unit with 2 Fully Adjustable Padded Dividers (one in the Mini) and double Padded Bottom. This ergonomic field bag now converts more easily back into a Courier Bag. Not an obvious camera bag, it has become a feild-work staple for professional photographers and photojournalists from National Goegraphic to small town newspapers.


* 2 Front Outside Pockets (3 in the Medium)   * 3 Front Inside Pockets (2 in the Mini)

* Back Outside Panel Pocket w/Velcro Closure (except on the Mini)

* Padded Camera Insert (removable)   * Extra Padding in the Bottom of the Bag (removable)   * Carabiner Key Clip.  

Optional Features:

* Flap Color   * Closure Type   * 3 Secret Front Inside Pockets (2 in Mini and XS)   * 2 Zippered Front Outside Pockets (3 in the Medium)

* Back Inside Divider Pocket with Velcro Closure   * Extra Padded Divider/s for the Insert   * Padded Handle   * Shoulder Pad

* Waist Strap   * Shoulder Strap Adjustment   * Shoulder Strap Orientation.  

4 Sizes. Starting at $99.  Also, you can now order the insert only to pair it with any same-sized or larger Courier Bag.

bag_front standard front_pocket basic front_inside back outside_pocket Camera Insert insert divider
Bag Sizes


Mini: Ideal for the casual photographer. Large enough to carry any small digital camera for every day use, it will also carry a small digital video camera. If you just want a safe, easy access bag for most common digital needs, this is it.

Extra small: Big enough for an SLR body with lens attached plus a second lens and a flash or 2 lenses, it is also good for small to medium sized digital video cameras. Great for digital work, where extra film isn't necessary.

Small: Large enough for an SLR body with lens attached plus 2 lenses and a flash or 3 lenses, it is also good for many professional digital video cameras. It is big enough to have extra room for film or other equipment if necessary.

Medium: Large enough for 2 SLR bodies with lenses attached and/or 4x5 format cameras with extra lenses, flash and film it is also good for all but the largest professional digital video cameras. This bag is ideal for a day out in the field. It is large enough to accommodate most common camera equipment plus a windbreaker or other light clothing.

Black Navy Maroon Green Gray
Primary Red Deep Purple Orange Chocolate Clay
cb olive courier1
Sand Yellow Olive Reflective Tapestry 1
courier2 courier3
Tapestry 2 Tapestry 3
Hand-Made Tie-Dye
(primary and
tertiary colors)
velcro and_clips
Velcro and Clips
velcro no_clips
No Clips, Just Velcro
clips no_velcro
No Velcro, Just Clips
Logo Clip
Logo Flap Clip
secret pocket_detail_thumb
Secret Pocket
Zipper close-up
Front Outside Zipper
 25th back_inside 
Back Inside Pocket
thumb handle
Padded Handle
shoulder pad_135x135
Shoulder Pad
waist strap
Waist Strap
insert dividers
Insert Dividers
buckle detail_thumb
Drop-Jaw Buckle
Slider Strap Adjust
  • Removable Padded Insert with fully adjustable dividers that allow you to make your compartments any size you choose. 2 Dividers (one in the Mini). Additional Dividers may be purchased separately
  • Three Front Inside Pockets (two in the Mini)
  • Optional Secret Front Inside Pockets - a matching row of internal pockets with small flaps that are set inside the front pockets (2 in the Mini and XS, 3 in the Small and Medium)
  • Two Front Outside Pockets (3 in the Medium), with Optional Zipper Closure
  • Back Outside Panel Pocket with Velcro Closure
  • Durable Cordura Nylon Outer (1000 denier)
  • Nylon Pack Cloth Liner sewn in separately to prevent leakage, actually a bag inside a bag (420 denier)
  • Double Cordura Base for extra reinforcement
  • Fastex Clips and Velcro closures on the flap
  • 2" Wide Shoulder Strap (1.5” in the Mini) to distribute the weight. Sewn on so it can't pull off
  • Deep Pockets so things don’t fall out
  • Shoulder Strap Adjuster Options: Classic Metal Drop-Jaw Buckle or a Low Profile Black Slider
  • Internal Carabiner Key Clip
  • Lifetime Warranty for Workmanship

Hi CourierWare
I Love my bag! I got the medium camera bag and it loads everything I need for a days shooting, (Camera body, 2 film backs, 3 viewfinders, 3 lenses, light meters, flash, note pads, and all the film I think I might need). My wife says I put so much stuff in the bag she can't even pick it up, and yet it still is easy on the shoulder. I have owned 50 or 60 camera bags over the last 35 years, but I have never found a better bag. Well Done

Thanks Courierware for saving me from what seemed to be an endless search for a small, versatile camera/work bag. I had an extra small Incognito Field Camera Bag made and it's perfect.
I'll recommend your products to anyone. Ron H

Hello CourierWare
I just received my CourierWare bag, and I could not possibly be more pleased with the purchase. The product is fantastic and reflects a commitment to quality throughout. It simply is not possible to find a better or more well designed courier bag. Thanks for giving the consumer what they want, a great product at a completely fair price.

Hi Eric,
Just wanted to let you know I got the camera courier bag this morning and I LOVE it! It's perfect. Thanks for suggesting the small size, it's exactly what I wanted. And thanks
for getting it out so quickly. Take care, Cozette

I've been using mine for the last few months. It carries my camera gear and some (water bottle, sandwich, book, plane ticket, jacket, etc). And the bag looks good too.

Hello CourierWare
I have been a CourierWare fanatic ever since I got my first bag in 1990! I feel absolutely naked without it. I take it everywhere I go. It has room for everything I need to have with me at all times and I can even fit my big assed G3 laptop in there with room to spare. I now have a large super deluxe but I still have my first bag almost ten years later. Thanks for a great product, you can tell when someone cares.
Best, Dave

Dear CourierWare
I love the photo insert you made for my bag - it works great. I've had my bag for about 13 years, and it still looks new... I am pleased that I can use it for my camera equipment as well.
--K. K.