For the one-bag traveler.  


* 3 Zippered Front Outside Pockets   * 4 Regular and 4 Secret Front Inside Pockets (3 of each in the Large)

* Huge Interior Back-to-Front Laundry Pocket   * Carabiner Key Clip.

The Classic, the maximum airline carry-on size, also has Compression Straps to keep the contents more snug.

Optional Features:

* Padded Handle   * Shoulder Pad   * Waist Strap   * Flap Closure Type

* Shoulder Strap Adjustment Type   * Shoulder Strap Orientation.

3 sizes, Large, Extra Large and Classic. Starting at $165.

travel front classic_back_outside_with_compression_straps front_inside_pockets inside-out-back135x135

Large - Great for weekends and short summer trips.  Fits under most seats and in all but the smallest overhead bins.  It is considered carry-on luggage by every airline. 

XL - A really big bag for bulky items.  Fits the seat in most full-sized planes and in most overhead bins.  It is considered carry-on luggage by every airline.  

The Classic - A truly huge bag.  Fits in the overhead bins of all full-sized planes and is considered carry-on luggage by all major airlines.

Black Navy Maroon Green Gray
Primary Red Deep Purple Orange Chocolate Clay
tr olive travel1
Sand Yellow Olive Reflective Tapestry 1
travel2 travel3
Tapestry 2 Tapestry 3
Hand-Made Tie-Dye
(primary and
tertiary colors)
Logo Clip
Metal Logo Clip
thumb handle
Padded Handle
shoulder pad_135x135
Shoulder Pad
waist strap
Waist Strap
buckle detail_thumb
Drop-Jaw Buckle
Slider Strap Adjustment

  • Four Front Inside Pockets (3 in the Large) - very deep so things won’t fall out
  • Four Front Inside Secret Pockets (3 in the Large) - a second row of hidden pockets within the regular Front Pockets
  •  3 Front Outside Pockets with Zipper Closure for passport, airline tickets, magazines, sunglasses, etc.
  • A huge Back-to-Front Inside Laundry Pocket with Velcro Closure
  • Durable Cordura Nylon Outer (1000 denier) with extra layer of Cordura over the entire base of the bag for extra durability and body
  • Nylon Pack Cloth Liner (420 denier) sewn in separately to prevent leakage - actually a bag inside a bag
  • Easy Adjust Fastex Clips (or polished nickel clips with CourierWare Logo) and Velcro closures on the flap
  • Heavy-duty Shoulder Strap a full 2" wide to distribute weight. The attachment sandwiches around the lip of the bag so it cannot pull off. This also works to keep the bag tightly closed when worn
  • Durable Metal Drop-Jaw Buckle that can be adjusted without removing the bag or a Slider Shoulder Strap Adjustment
  • Carabiner Key Clip inside the bag
  •  On The Classic only: Compression Straps to keep the bag snug when not full

Dear CourierWare
Today, only a minute after stepping off the streetcar, the rain soaked me to the skin, and I still had three blocks to walk home. The rain soaked my shirt. It soaked my pants. My trusty, waterproofed ANSI spec steel-toed boots didn't protect my feet at all. Fortunately, I completely forgot about a present in my bag - my girlfriend's copies of our vacation photos - otherwise, I would've been panicked. A New Orleans downpour soaks through everything - but not your bag. The interior of my bag was dry - not a drip, not a leak! I was amazed. I wrang two cups of water from my shirt, but the photos, my journal, and CD player were untouched.
-- Josh

Dear CourierWare
I am a locomotive engineer in the mid-west and am hell on luggage. I have burned through all sorts of back-packs, brief cases and duffel bags like it was nobody's business. I had been on a quest for the ultimate 'one bag travel'piece of luggage for years. I got the extra large travel bag 16 months ago and it's in the same shape now as the first day I lugged it to work. Not only does it wear like iron, But I can cram EVERYTHING I need in it for a 48 hour round trip to points unknown.

Thank you CourierWare!
The Wreckin' Ball

Dear CourierWare
Man your bag rocks! I have had the same bag since the late 80's when I was in middle school in Cambridge. This bag has been everywhere I have gone in my life, most notably my European backpacking trip where it got to see everything from the Austrian Alps to the canals of Venice. It has withstood every possible element, even sparks from arc welding and burning hot wax accidentally being poured on it in the scupture studio. Now my only problem is that I want a new one but the old one carries so much history.
-- Jon