Just wanted to let you know that the bag that I got from you in the early 90's is still alive and well, living in New Mexico and looks like new.


Check this out…

Bought this bag from your original location (shop/garage) and it’s still kicking… practically brand new!


 Old School Bag

This bag is over 20 years old!  ~CW's now 19 years later, and I am still using those bags-- they have been around the world with me several times, carried just about everything, experienced bad weather, food spills, road dirt and constant over-stuffing.

and they are still in amazing shape!

I hope you aren't putting yourselves out of business by making such amazing products-- i can't think of any other daily use item that would last 2 decades. 

you should be proud! ~ Stu

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Here's a link to a Custom Incognito Mini Camera Bag Review.  It's pretty informative and quite detailed.  Check it out!

Thanks ~ CW